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New Operations positions drive sustainability

In 2021, we updated our Sustainability Governance Structure. We also created a new position dedicated to sustainability in Operations – the Environment & Energy Manager.

The growing significance of sustainability for Beckers led us to split our global Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) efforts into two separate areas in 2021: Environment and Global Health & Safety. Now we can focus even more intently on each of these areas through the leadership of our new Environment & Energy Manager, as well as the new Global Health & Safety Director. These changes ensure that we can push forward the goals laid out in the stream Operations with Impact.

We are building a medium- to long-term global industrial plan for our entire operations, including our sites and supply chain. This is based on our plan for theeast Paint Plant of the Future

“The goal is to define the investments needed to optimize our impact on the planet and to improve working conditions. For this we have created the plan for the paint plant of the future. Our Environment and Energy Manager is key to this.”

Laurent Legendre | VP Global Sustainable Industrial Development

The Environment & Energy Manager drives the development, implementation, and monitoring of Beckers’ environmental, energy and climate strategy to make our work environment and practices more sustainable. She is also responsible for developing green strategies and communicating them to management, colleagues, customers and suppliers, and for creating communication plans and budgets to support the strategy. Examining the organization’s impact on the environment, resource consumption, supply chain practices and all other aspects of our business that impact our total carbon footprint is a key function of the role. The first action in 2021 was to start environment and energy audits at our sites. Those audits (physical or virtual) to assess the short-, medium- and long-term plans for achieving our sustainability targets are being continued in 2022. Each site has already developed an action plan along with an investment plan for the coming years.

Laurent Legendre
VP Global Sustainable Industrial Development
Nathalie Strehl
Environment & Energy Manager

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