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Dear Stakeholders

Each and every one of us has a responsibility to lead the way towards a sustainable future – to develop our environment, economy and social lives in ways that transform our world for the better.

GRI 2–22

At Beckers, we believe we can and must set an example and be at the forefront of the transformation of our industry. We want to create the maximum positive impact for our customers, society and the planet, becoming the world’s most sustainable industrial coatings company.

We have made a commitment to contribute towards decarbonization by transforming our product portfolio and have built a united, motivated and committed leadership team to help us all work together, with our customers and suppliers, to drive our products, people and processes for positive change. 

In 2021, our journey towards sustainability accelerated as we rolled out our 2030 Sustainability Strategy with site workshops and site action plans in line with the strategy’s three pillars, People, Products, Operations, at each of our 23 manufacturing sites. We also recruited new talent and added leadership positions devoted to driving our Sustainability Strategy forward – a process we will continue as we reshape our organization to fulfil these goals.

Some achievements I would like to highlight from 2021:


We know that our people are passionate about sustainability as a driver for positive change in our culture.

We have seen very high participation (94 percent) in oureast Global Engagement Survey arguing for strong action towards a feedback culture for continuous learning, a leadership journey, and further health and safety initiatives.

We have strengthenedeast internal communications to keep our teams united and have begun to find common bonds and common purpose, highlighted in the True Colors campaign. 

Sustainability targets are integrated into variable compensation while remote working has become common at Beckers, and we have laid the foundation for increased support for our local communities by defining Children & Youth as oureast Common Cause.


We know that innovation is critical in our products stream as we shift to water-based, bio-based and recycled raw materials.

We have implemented a connected globaleast R&D organization and governance processes to help achieve our ambition of 100 percent of all new products to be produced sustainably by 2030.

We have also made excellent progress in oureast Beckers Sustainability Index , which helps ensure our sustainability efforts span the entire value chain so we can also guide our customers on their own sustainability journeys. Beckers is a customer-focused company and we believe that a focus on sustainability ensures continued success.  


Our operations stream is therefore increasing its focus to help our coil coating customers decarbonize. We are taking a new, holistic approach that includes building more resilienteast supply chains and bringing suppliers along on a sustainable journey in which we work together to prepareeast Life Cycle Assessment information for their products.

The unprecedented shortages of key raw materials and price escalation have underscored the need for change. We cannot set new standards alone. We must all work together with customers, suppliers and our communities to tackle these most pressing challenges. In the short term, we at Beckers will first address those challenges at our sites where we can have the greatest leverage with crucial climate actions for our own operations.  

Each of us has a unique opportunity to rethink the real value of our actions and how they impact our local communities and our planet. Sustainability is more than an opportunity for Beckers and our customers; it is an imperative that will determine our future growth, our differentiation, as well as value creation for our customers and our people. 

Help us help you co-create a sustainable future for us all. 

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