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Beckers’ 2030 Sustainability Strategy

At Beckers, we are determined to ensure our company is part of the solution for a sustainable future. In close collaboration with our customers, we make it possible to generate a positive impact beyond the surface.

GRI 2–24

We started our sustainability journey in 2009. In 2020, we launched our 2030 Sustainability Strategy with a Roadmap that will enable us to fulfil our purpose. It sets clear milestones with steps that can be adapted along the journey.east See also Our sustainability journey

In 2021, we fully rolled out the strategy to the whole companyeast See also Strategy Progress. In this year’s report, we look back on where we started and measure what we have achieved so far; we also revisit the measures we chose to reach our ambitious goals and set new milestones for the near future, so that the goals of our 2030 Sustainability Strategy will be reached.


of coil coating products material part assessed in BSI

assessment of functional part for coil coatings in progress


of our R&D Managers received product sustainability training


of employees participated in our Global Engagement Survey


safety reports closure rate

Community engagement in


of the countries we operate in


of our electricity consumption is renewable


landfill waste reduction


supplier spend adhere to our supplier CoC

+ + + + + + + + +

We have a sustainability contract with our Board of Directors

The annual sustainability contract with the Board of Directors is a set of yearly targets in the three streams People with Impact, Products with Impact and Operations with Impact. The targets are directly linked to the 2030 Sustainability Strategy and are part of our annual employee bonus system. Our sustainability governance structure ensures that all sustainability topics are integrated within the organization and that sustainability is top priority in all areas.east See also Sustainability governance structure

Sustainability targets are part of the annual employee bonus system. 

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