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Bolstering internal communication

Beckers strengthened its internal communication to foster sustainability within the company during 2021. The aim was to further roll out the 2030 Sustainability Strategy across the company and encourage sustainable behavior.

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Sustainability Roadshow

In 2021, we continued the full roll-out and integration of the 2030 Sustainability Strategy across the company. Our main focus was on employee engagement. The goal is for each colleague to take responsibility for the sustainability strategy in their own sphere of influence. Driving forward the 2030 Sustainability Strategy should be a key priority in everyone’s daily work. Therefore 2021 was all about supporting everyone across the company with trainings, workshops and communication material, for example, during the virtual roadshow the sustainability team did in Q1 2021.east See also Strategy Progress in 2021

Quarterly Townhalls

Beckers colleagues are invited to participate in our Quarterly Townhalls, where the Executive Committee updates everyone on general business, HR, R&D, Operations and with news from the regions. This allows the leadership to get messages about our Sustainability Strategy out across the organization in person. After the recap of major themes and issues, there is always a lively Q&A session where participants can openly or anonymously ask questions directly to the leadership team.

“One of the reasons the Townhall format has proved to be so popular is because it gives attendees the opportunity to ask questions directly to Beckers’ leadership team.”

Inga Clausen | Global Communications Director

True Colors Campaign

This internal poster campaign was also part of the strategy roll-out. It puts a personal spin on our shared mission to become the world’s most sustainable industrial coatings company. The campaign uses real-life stories and photos of Beckers’ employees from the sustainability workshops that ran earlier in the year across all sites.

The stories showcase our genuine passion and commitment to sustainability topics, offering diverse voices from people across the Beckers community, who speak from the heart on the issues they care about. The initiative is open to all staff at all sites globally. Each story relates to one of Beckers’ sustainability streams, with the first three posters sent to sites globally at the beginning of 2022. The aim is to inspire wider participation and more voices, so every poster contains a QR code for people to find more information online. More stories are planned.

The internal poster campaign puts a personal spin on our shared mission to become the world’s most sustainable industrial coatings company.

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