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Outlook 2022

We have developed a clear roadmap and action plan for our path towards 2030. We have set clear milestones to be able to challenge measures and adapt the steps along the way. In 2022, we will see first results. 

Key topics on the agenda in 2022

In 2022, we will continue implementing individual roadmaps at all sites. We will also review the targets of our 2030 Sustainability Strategy, adapt where necessary and set further milestones.

Ineast Products with Impact, we will complete the development of our Beckers Sustainability Index and begin using it to assess our customers’ portfolios. We will proceed with the development with our dedicated Life Cycle Assessment tool for our products. Furthermore our focus will be on the Sales and Marketing of our net-sustainable products. 

Ineast People with Impact, we will continue to drive safety procedures for our employees, putting even greater emphasis on best practice with an ambitious yearly target. We will further work on building the capacities of our employees through trainings and feedback, as well as push for a gender-balanced organization, especially through new hires.

Ineast Operations with Impact, all sites must have a medium-long-term industrial plan to achieve the sustainability targets we have set for 2030 and beyond. We aim to reduce waste by a further 4 percent group-wide and increase our use of renewable electricity to 70 percent. Our new COO, Eric Gaertner, who joined in February 2022 will push sustainable operations.east Click here to look at our sustainability radar

Achieving excellence through exchange and cooperation was a theme echoed by new COO Eric Gaertner, who joined in 2022.

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