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Beckers’ global Common Cause commitment: Children and youth in our communities

We committed ourselves to one global Common Cause to drive our community engagement: Children and youth will be  the focus of our activities.

Social engagement is deeply rooted within Beckers. One of our 2030 Sustainability Strategy goals is to set an example as a socially engaged company. Numerous examples from our sites show that we care about the communities around us. In many cases the volunteering activities, partnerships and sponsoring are focused on children and youth.east See also Global community engagement

In order to reach our goal in 2030, we are setting up a strategic process and global guidelines for our community engagement. In November 2021, we conducted two global workshops where we agreed on our Common Cause for community engagement throughout the whole company: children and youth. In the workshops, HR representatives from all sites and the global people stream team members were invited to brainstorm how Beckers impacts local communities. We discussed the challenges children and youth face in different countries and what we can do to create real positive impact for them. The outcome serves as a foundation for local action plans and community engagement activities.

We will focus our engagement in the communities around us on one of the most vulnerable groups: children and youth.

Driving our social partnerships through a Common Cause

Our Common Cause is a continuation and logical consequence of our purpose, our values, our code of conduct and our global sustainability goals. In December 2021, we made an official commitment for our Common Cause to children and youth and shared this commitment with all of our colleagues. The commitment underlines our ambitions and stands as a guideline to provide orientation for Beckers’ employees and stakeholders on how they can promote this essential cause within their communities. The document is signed by the Executive Committee and is an important pillar of our social engagement.

We will now develop a framework with local colleagues and set up guidelines, strong KPIs and detailed information for all sites in 2022.

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