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Genuine feedback culture: Our Employee Engagement Survey

The input from our Group-wide Employee Engagement Survey is being used to create tangible actions that will help us achieve our sustainability objectives especially on well-being.

GRI 2–29

How our employees feel has an impact on both the performance of our business and on our ability to be a sustainability leader. This is why creating and maintaining an environment and work culture that benefits well-being promotes Beckers' People with Impact sustainability pillar. With our second global digital employee survey in all 18 countries, we based our efforts on a comprehensive, rational and measurable basis. How Beckers worked with the results of the survey shows that direct feedback drives HR tools and programs for positive change throughout the entire business.

With an employee participation rate of 94 percent against our 80 percent benchmark, the survey was a great success. It showed improvement in almost all areas: 82 percent of participants thought that Beckers is making sustainability progress; 76 percent said they receive sufficient information on sustainability. More importantly: we have taken the improvement areas that were highlighted and already incorporated them in trainings.

2021 Global Engagement Survey

Share of employees who participated in the Global Engagement Survey increased to

In the second half of 2021, we conducted about 100 manager-led team workshops around the world with 96 percent of teams attending. Our teams have been focusing on topics such as team efficiency, collaboration, workload balancing, leadership and personal development. Furthermore, the main topics that were highlighted as improvement areas were also inspiration for oureast Leadership Journey. Among others, two new trainings on how to identify and solve conflicts were developed. The next of our biennial surveys will be conducted in 2023.  

“How our people and teams are feeling naturally affects the performance of our business and our work with sustainability. The action plans and HR tools derived from the survey can really drive positive change throughout our business.”

Judith Jungmann | Chief Human Resources Officer

Feedback culture supports employee engagement

Additionally to the biennial survey, our feedback culture with regular one-on-one Check-In Conversations between every employee and their manager is an essential part of our employee engagement work. The Check-Ins have created a feedback culture that is characterized by dialogue and helps to resolve and avoid issues and conflicts. They proved especially invaluable in promoting dialogue and understanding during a time of restricted social interaction for many.

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