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Navigating our Leadership Journey

A series of learning modules, starting with conflict management and coaching skills, contributes to our business mindset and to our sustainability goals within the People Stream.

GRI 404–2

Developing leadership skills is key to Beckers’ sustainability strategy of enabling People with Impact. In 2021, Beckers offered a new learning series for our people managers, starting with modules on conflict management and coaching skills. Whereas the focus group of the learning modules are people managers, Beckers’ Leadership Journey is open to all employees who are interested to participate and contribute. 

The Leadership Journey brings Beckers' people managers together in different learning modules.

As part of this journey, we address areas for improvement which we have identified through sources such as our global bi-annual engagement survey or focus group interviews. This helps ensure that our learning module content is relevant for participants and that it addresses Beckers’ specific needs. The learning modules aim to support employees’ personal growth and development, ultimately contributing to achieving Beckers’ business objectives – particularly those of our sustainability strategy. All learning modules focus on providing people managers with hands-on tools that can be used immediately and put into daily practice. We focus on three main subjects: How to lead myself? How to lead my team? How to develop people? 

How to lead myself?

How to develop people?

Avoiding biases



Team efficiency

Being a safety role model

Delegation & empowerment



Personal preferences


Continuous improvement

How to lead my team?

Building a learning community

Learning modules in all three areas build on existing processes, such as providing regular feedback (we call these Check-In Conversations at Beckers), performance management, or longer-term development conversations.

In addition, the new learning series helps create a community where leaders can connect across country borders and departments, and learn from each other in a decentralized organization. More than 200 people managers have joined the Leadership Journey to date. Their feedback after attending learning modules has been very positive, with a rating of 4 on a scale from 0 to 5 where 5 is most positive. The Leadership Journey will continue and learning topics have already been defined for 2022. We will review and adjust these on a continuous basis in order to best address business needs and prepare for current and future challenges and disruptions. 

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