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Our values activation journey supports our 2030 Sustainability Strategy

Walking the talk: our behavior shows what our values mean.

Beckers' values apply to everyone in the organization, from employees and managers to executives. Our values equip us with a common identity essential for a decentralized organization like ours. However, values only take root if people across the entire organization accept them and act accordingly.

This is where our concept of the values activation journey comes in, promoting positive change across the business.

Our values activation journey is designed to ensure the goals of the 'People Pillar' of People, Products and Operations with Impact are achieved. We therefore promote diversity in recruitment, drive employee engagement, communication and collaboration, and foster employee well-being. In accordance with our 2030 Sustainability Strategy, we aim to secure buy-in among all employees across all regions and functions.

“Values in an organization only really take root if people act according to them.”

Sureash Kumar | HR Director AME

During 2021, we introduced our unique approach. This involved communicating our values and associated behaviors through posters, digital communications and engagement with the Global Support Committee, Beckers' senior leadership team.

In addition, values activation workshops were held enabling leaders to experience how values and behaviors can be embedded in our culture and, for example, improve collaboration and team synergies. The workshops will be shared throughout regions in train-the-trainer sessions. Learn more details about our values activation initiaitve open_in_new here.

Our core values

Shape and adapt

Team spirit

Customer focus

Trust and integrity

Values and behaviors promoting a strong work culture play an important role in recruitment and retention. They are a key element in the recruitment process and employee Check-In Conversations ensure our people are aligned with our strategy.

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