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Plastic Omnium Poland and Beckers Sweden collaborate to reduce VOCs and energy

A collaborative effort between our customer Plastic Omnium in Gliwice, Poland, and Beckers Sweden in 2021 helped cut VOCs and save significant energy, propelling us closer to our 2030 Sustainability Goals.

The white pearl is very popular for the bumpers of a car manufacturer, but it requires three layers of paint. After a white basecoat, a pearl iridescent layer is applied, followed by a protective clearcoat. As a result, 30 tons of the white pearl paint are consumed every year at Plastic Omnium Poland. In the past, every bumper painted at Plastic Omnium had to pass the spray booth and the oven twice, consuming an extra layer of clearcoat, emitting more VOC and doubling the energy needed.

To make this more efficient, Beckers Sweden suggested a way to apply the coating in a single loop, rather than two. Performing trials in 2021, Plastic Omnium started to use a new formulation for the white pearl. By applying the white base in a single round in the primer cabin it was possible to apply the pearl in the basecoat cabin. The energy savings amount to the equivalent of painting more than 20,000 bumpers in a year. Furthermore, VOCs were reduced significantly due to half the amount of clearcoat needed. 

“This project had a huge technical complexity that made us rethink every step of the process and our own formulation. By achieving it, we have created value for the environment, the customer and our shareholders.”

Mikael Johansson | Technical Manager, Automotive Plastics Exterior

This is just one example of how Beckers actively works together with customers to reach our 2030 Sustainability Goals of VOC reduction, energy savings and close collaboration with the value chain to promote sustainability. Several Beckers colleagues from our sites in Sweden and Poland were involved in leading the technical reformulation and making the necessary modifications for the customer. This creates a strong partnership for the future.

At the center of our R&D strategy: Co-creation with customers to promote sustainability. 

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