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Sustainable aluminum and steel – working with our customers

Cooperating with stakeholders to reduce their environmental impact is key to our sustainability strategy. That is why Beckers is working with customers in the steel and aluminum coil industries to reduce carbon emissions without compromising quality.

Steel and aluminum are essential engineering and construction materials but the industries that produce them are currently among the largest emitters of CO2. Many challenges need to be overcome throughout the entire value chain to decarbonize them.

Successful collaboration

Paint CO2e reduction

  • Low carbon raw materials (type & process): Reduce Scope 3 impacts
  • Renewable energy low carbon manufacturing: Reduce Scope 1 and 2 impacts

Process CO2e reduction

  • Reduce VOC emissions
  • Reduce energy
  • Reduce waste
  • Reduce material

Our Whole Life Approach, which takes the entire value chain into account, relies on a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), industry collaboration, and breakthrough technologies to reduce the carbon emissions of coatings used in the industry. We will use the LCA to better understand the impact of our products, and also share the results of the LCA with our customers.

Collaborating to decarbonize our coating solutions

One measure is to reduce petroleum-based components and replace them with renewable, lower-carbon alternatives such as water-based, bio-based or recycled materials. We are also working with our customers on lower-carbon application processes, such as low-emission 100 percent solid coatings applied via more efficient radiation ultraviolet or electron beam curing. This technology also uses less material and has a lower carbon footprint. In conventional production methods, around half of the coating is combusted.

“We are seeing increasing demand from our customers in carbon-intensive metals industries to quantify the impacts of our coatings and find lower-carbon solutions.”

James Maxted | Global Product Sustainability Director

Our Beckers Sustainability Index (BSI) allows us to verify our environmental impact. It provides a holistic assessment of each product’s sustainability performance by including key indicators such as LCA impact and carbon footprint data.east See also Beckers Sustainability Index

The long-term industry vision for a zero-carbon coil coating line

In 2020, Beckers helped initiate a zero-carbon coil coating line project together with the European Coil Coating Association (ECCA) and other partners that cover the entire industry value chain. Beckers is represented on the ECCA’s Board of Directors and steering committee. The project is designed to study the technology, best practices and emerging technologies that can reduce the carbon impact of coil coating lines. It involves technical research, industry engagement and the assessment of 13 coating lines across Europe. See the press release on ouropen_in_new contribution to the decarbonization of the steel and aluminium industries for detailed information.

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