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Anchoring sustainability through internal communication

Beckers has strengthened its internal communication over the last years to foster sustainability within the company. The aim is to build employee engagement that drives our performance toward the successful achievement of our 2030 Sustainability Goals.

The Rainbow – Beckers new intranet

In 2022, we established a new global intranet to further remove barriers such as language and technology. The aim is a timelier sharing of global information and greater interaction between everyone across our decentralized organization. Launching the intranet was an especially important step for the communication of sustainable development within the company. It includes official news from the global leadership team through the news function as well as local success stories contributed by the sites in the Beckers Voice section. Through the easy translation function, we can reach even more colleagues than before. Through color-coding the stories in Beckers Voice, readers can easily see which of the three sustainability streams a story belongs to.

Global Knowledge Hub

As part of the new intranet,the Beckers Good Practice Knowledge Hub was launched in October 2022. It is the go-to tool for accessing and sharing the wealth of sustainability expertise and practice within Beckers. This growing database of Good Practices is designed to answer problems quickly and save time and bandwidth by avoiding re-inventing the wheel.

“The Knowledge Hub will be an accelerator for performance, competitiveness, safety and sustainability topics at Beckers. We know there is a wealth of expertise within our global Beckers community. Now everybody can access it all. Instantly.”

Nathalie Strehl | Global Environment & Energy Manager is one of the initiators of the hub

Topics can be simply filtered and searched by pre-set labels or keywords to find easy-to-digest good practices. Each entry summarizes in a single page what the good practice is, the problem it addresses and the high-level benefits, as well as whom to contact at Beckers for more information.

Building up this dynamic database – the first of its kind at Beckers – is crucial to achieving sustainable excellence, enabling usall to learn, saving time, contributing our own good practices and solutions, and improving together quickly.

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Quarterly Town Halls

All Beckers colleagues are invited to participate in our quarterly Town Halls,where the Executive Committee updates everyone on general business, HR, R&D, Operations and with news from the regions. This allows the leadership to disseminate messages about our Sustainability Strategy across the organization in person. After the recap of major themes and issues, there is always a lively Q&A session where participants can openly or anonymously ask questions directly to the leadership team. To track engagement, we’ve set an internal target on the global Town Hall participation for 2023.

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