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Our sustainability governance structure

The sustainability governance structure we created in 2021 has proven strong and effective. Our Beckers Sustainability Council (BSC), the global cross-functional leadership team, and the global Stream Teams successfully steered our sustainability activities and diligently laid the path for the years leading up to 2030.

Beckers’ sustainability governance structure

Beckers has a formal governance body that integrates sustainability in all functions and forms adirect line from our sites to the global Beckers management. This governance structure facilitates collaboration on key strategic topics and enables us to share best practices across the Group.

The Executive Committee is responsible for incorporating our sustainability strategy and monitoring the performance of each business. In addition, the Beckers Sustainability Council (BSC) – a global cross-functional leadership team – and global Stream Teams together govern our sustainability activities.The global Sustainability Team drives our overall strategic sustainability topics, and its members are represented in all sustainability governance bodies. See also Meet our leadership.

Beckers Sustainability Council

Our Beckers Sustainability Council (BSC) is formally the highest sustainability governance body within Beckers and reports directly to the  Global Support Committee (GSC). It ensures the integration of sustainability in all functions – from our sites to our global management. This allows us to collaborate on key strategic topics and share best practices across the Group.

The BSC is administrated by the Global Sustainability Director and functions as a global cross-functional leadership team. The Council consists of members from across various functions – CTO, CHRO, COO, VP Business Controlling, Global Sustainability Controller, Global Product Sustainability Director, Global Communications Director, VP Global Sustainable Industrial Development, Global Director for Health & Safety, Global Director Sustainability Partnerships, Global Sustainability Expert, Global Environment and Energy Manager and the VP Global Marketing – who manage strategy and framework development as well as stakeholder engagement and alignment. Moreover, they are responsible for monitoring our 2030 Sustainability Strategy progress and our KPIs and actions. They also support follow-up on our three streams – People, Products and Operations with Impact – and their associated projects, and they help set the annual group sustainability target catalogue as well as the Sustainability Contract with our owner Lindéngruppen. The BSC also serves as the jury for the Beckers Sustainability Awards.

Our global Stream Teams

Our global Stream Teams are working groups for each stream within our 2030 Sustainability Strategy: People, Products and Operations with Impact. They drive sustainability with a view to the big picture for their stream. They work on the global approach to sustainability, identify action points and blockers at each Beckers site and coordinate actions defined and presented by the Managing Directors to ensure they help achieve our 2030 sustainability targets. The Stream Teams contribute to the Sustainability Contract, setting the foundation for our annual targets. The Stream Teams are led by CHRO Judith Jungmann (People), CTO Gavin Bown (Products) and COO Eric Gaertner (Operations).

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Ensuring progress and transparency through different sustainability commitments

2030 Sustainability Goals (public)

Our goals for the three streams People, Products and Operations with Impact can be found here

Sustainability Contract (with Lindéngruppen) 

The Sustainability Contract is our yearly agreement with the Beckers Board of Directors and our owner Lindéngruppen. It ensures we set the right milestones to reach our 2030 goals. It is furthermore the basis for our Sustainability Target Catalogue. 

Sustainability Target Catalogue (internal) 

The annual Sustainability Target Catalogue is more extensive than the Sustainability Contract presented to the board. It is the foundation for our bonus system. All employees eligible for bonus payments must set sustainability goals connected to their work.  

Sustainability Dashboard (internal)

​​​​​​​​​​​​To provide better visibility on our internal progress toward the goals and targets, we developed a company-wide sustainability dashboard of our KPIs, updated monthly or quarterly depending on the KPI. It provides a company overview as well as results for each site, with KPIs for all 2030 Sustainability Strategy goals, milestones for each year and progress toward our targets.

Performance report
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Our performance report
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