Outlook 2023

We have developed a clear roadmap and action plan for our path towards 2030. We have set milestones so we can challenge our measures and adapt our steps along the way. With the processes and actions designed to reach our sustainability goals in place, we expect 2023 to be a year with fewer headwinds caused by external stressors.

“In 2023, for the first time, our performance will be measured against our parent company Lindéngruppen's value creation model. It includes economic, environmental and social considerations to make more responsible business decisions.”

Christophe Sabas | CEO

In Products with Impact, we will advance the deployment of the BSI (Beckers Sustainability Index) evaluation for each Beckers product and subsequently for each customer. Another major project is the implementation of a Scope 3 emissions data stewardship governance structure and processes to obtain accurate data. The project aims to develop protocols to ensure that the carbon footprint of Beckers' raw material purchases are captured and regularly reviewed and that the supplier base is challenged to improve the quantity and quality of disclosures. Additionally, we will launch new products such as paints for UV/EB radiation curing process technology and keep a strong focus on our coil coatings business. The construction and opening of the new Sustainable Innovation Centre in Liverpool is a big milestone. This is accompanied by the development of a breakthrough innovation roadmap.

In  People with Impact, we will continue to drive behavior-based safety procedures for our employees, putting even greater emphasis on safety culture and best practice with an overall ambition to further reduce total recordable injuries (TRI). We continue our mental-health initiatives and plan concrete actions to give even more colleagues access to counselling if they need it. We will further work on building the capacities of our employees through training and feedback, as well as push for a gender-balanced organization, especially through new hires where we aim for 50 percent female new hires in management. We will also listen to our employees worldwide with a new round of our twice-yearly employee survey where we aim for a 90 percent participation rate.

In Operations with Impact, all sites have a medium- to long-term industrial plan to achieve the sustainability targets we have set for 2030 and beyond and continue to follow it. An improved internal and external auditing program will ensure that our global standards for safety and compliance are adhered to on all our sites. We continue to reduce our waste group-wide and with a strong focus on our landfill, which we aim to reduce by 10 percent in 2023. As we reached our 2030 target of 70 percent renewable electricity in 2022, we have now changed and upped the target to 70 percent renewable energy by 2030. We will therefore continue to focus on sourcing energy from renewables and evaluate possibilities to reduce our dependence on natural gas. When it comes to the value chain, we will focus on supplier audits and start projects with customers to reduce the CO2e emissions from our third-party logistics.

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