2030 Goals

Sustainability at Beckers is not kept in one department or limited to the sustainability strategy itself. In recent years, sustainability at Beckers has not only become a top priority, our 2030 Goals has set a transformation of the whole company in motion.


At Beckers we aim to lead the industry on a more sustainable path, which has led to goals, actions and mindset shifts across all our sites. We’ve structured our strategy intentionally to consider our most material topics, split into three streams: Products with Impact, People with Impact and Operations with Impact. It’s What We Do.


Products with Impact focuses on innovation and sustainable products, both the material performance of the coatings produced, but also the functionality of the paint. We’ve developed tools to help categorize the products in different aspects of sustainable or risk factors. In the Products Stream, we take into account many material topics, such as raw materials sourced, emissions produced across the life cycle, circularity, customer health to name a few.

By 2030, our ambition is to deliver surface solutions that help advance society while protecting the planet.

Net-sustainable sales


Of revenue from BSI Achiever class

Net-sustainable Innovation


Of all new products from BSI Achiever class

Concern Class


Of products from the BSI Concern class


The People with Impact stream is dedicated to cultivating a workplace environment where safety, well-being and excellence thrive across our entire value chain. Through ongoing training to prevent accidents and initiatives to reduce VOC emissions, we prioritize the health of all individuals involved in our operations. By fostering a diverse, motivated and empowered workforce, we drive innovation and success not only within our organization but also among our suppliers, research partners, and beyond. Our commitment extends to engaging with our communities, particularly in championing children’s rights. Through collaborative efforts with our employees, partners, and stakeholders, we strive to uplift and empower individuals across our value chain, fostering a better future for all.

By 2030, our ambition is to be the top employer and go-to partner for sustainability.

Female employees


Zero accidents


Employee engagement

In line with top performing companies

Community Engagement

Positive impact on children and youth


Our Operations with Impact stream focuses on minimizing the environmental impacts in our operations and supply chain. Our work on climate action began here with the focus on reducing our emissions from Scope 1 & 2, but our climate work continues to extend into our supply chain and the use of our products. Our biggest environmental impacts are indeed in our value chain, so working together with our suppliers and customers is critical.

By 2030, our ambition is to have positive contributions from our operations and supply chain.

CO2e emissions reduction


Absolute own operations vs. base year 2013

Water reduction


Absolute vs. base year 2020

Landfill waste


Working toward circular processes

Renewable energy use


Across our 25 locations

Responsible sourcing


Alignment with sourcing strategy

Incinerated waste reduction


Absolute vs. base year 2020

Investing in our 2030 Goals

Based on our global process for Capital Expenses (CapEx) introduced in 2021, we focus on sustainable investments. Our strategic plan up to 2025 shows that a significant amount of our investments will directly contribute to reaching our 2030 Goals. During 2023, health and safety investments were prioritized, with a special focus on fire prevention. Other investments include the installation of improved VOC abatement systems, insulation and solar panels, as well as the construction of a new Long-Term Development (LTD) lab for sustainable technologies.

An additional way that we measure success and reward progress toward our sustainability goals and targets is through our bonus system. All employees eligible for bonus incentives must set sustainability goals connected to their work, otherwise known as our short-term incentive program (STIP). This has been an effective way of engaging the organization on 2030 goals relevant to their work.

Read more about our strategy and governance in our Performance Report 2023.


Making high performance coatings and exceeding customer expectations for over 150 years has its share of stories. We continuously improve the materials used and the functionality in our products. This year we have some of the most exciting stories how our product innovations have the potential to transform our industry.


People are at the heart of our products, production and profits. Safety, mental and physical health, and leaving a positive impact in the communities where we operate makes the existence of our business go beyond the surface.


Our operations and work in the supply chain strives to improve our environmental and social impacts. Resource efficiency together with responsible procurement turns our efforts into a positive ripple effect in our value chain.

Climate Action

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