Beckers in brief

With over 150 years of experience in paint making, Beckers has grown from a small retail shop in Stockholm, Sweden, to become a leading global coatings company that develops high-quality, environmentally compatible coatings.

Taking coatings to new heights

Since our founding story, Beckers has always been in the business of evolving for the better. Our investments in research and development allow us to maintain this legacy and launch us into unexplored surfaces where our customers benefit, our employees learn, and the planet can thrive.

A leading global supplier

Beckers Group, founded in Sweden in 1865 by German chemist, Carl Wilhelm Becker, today is privately owned by Lindéngruppen, a Swedish family business with a focus on sustainable and long-term development of industrial companies.

In 2023, 1669 people worked at 23 production sites and two additional offices in 17 countries around the world, serving customers in 56 countries.



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A force
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Markets & Strategy

Our company has two business areas, Coil Coatings and Industrial Coatings, that are managed in three regions: Northern Europe & Americas, Southern Europe & Africa, and Asia & Middle East.

We are a global market leader in coil coatings and a leading global supplier of industrial paints. Our aim is to be a solutions provider that offers more value than the sum of our products.

We are pioneers in providing unique, high-performance coating solutions that improve customer competitiveness while protecting people and planet. By this, we want to make our coatings a force for good at every touchpoint.

Customers prioritize sustainability in their supply chains and look for like-minded suppliers. When we incorporate sustainable practices and materials into our products and processes, all our stakeholders benefit while enhancing the value of our end-consumers’ products.

How our business is distributed over the different markets

Africa & Middle East






Asia & Oceania


Our business areas

Coil Coatings

As the leading global supplier of coil coatings, we set industry standards for high-performance liquid coatings applied to sheet metal, typically steel and aluminum. Coil coatings are used in many applications, including:

Building and construction

• Roofs
• Facades and walls
• Rainwater systems
• Roller shutters

Domestic appliances

Core Plate Varnish

Coil Coatings

Share of net sales


Industrial Coatings

We supply a complete range of specially manufactured coatings for pre-formed metal and plastic components as well as consumer devices for the following applications:

Vehicles and heavy-duty machinery1

• Agricultural, construction and earth-moving equipment
• Trucks
• Automotive plastics exterior

Consumer goods

1Beckers finalized the divestment of the global Railway Coatings business in Q1 2023 following the strategic decision made in 2022.

Industrial Coatings

Share of net sales


Our Global network

We operate a global network of manufacturing sites that enable us to be close to our customers and understand their demands and requirements.

Manufacturing sites and/or offices: We operate 23 manufacturing sites and 2 offices in 17 countries. For an interactive map, visit our home page.

Additional markets served: We serve customers in 39 additional markets.


Making high performance coatings and exceeding customer expectations for over 150 years has its share of stories. We continuously improve the materials used and the functionality in our products. This year we have some of the most exciting stories how our product innovations have the potential to transform our industry.


People are at the heart of our products, production and profits. Safety, mental and physical health, and leaving a positive impact in the communities where we operate makes the existence of our business go beyond the surface.


Our operations and work in the supply chain strives to improve our environmental and social impacts. Resource efficiency together with responsible procurement turns our efforts into a positive ripple effect in our value chain.

Climate Action

Get a better picture of our biggest emission reduction opportunities in our Climate Action 2.0 strategy. See what we've learned and how we've made steady progress since our first climate assessment in 2012.

Our Performance dashboard

Explore our comprehensive dashboard for progress across all three sustainability streams.