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2023 was a year where our focus stayed centered on the future and how to adapt our business to the changing world. Several projects requiring collaborative efforts, capacity building, and long-term research came together. Looking ahead, communication and true integration of sustainability throughout our value chain provides us with an opportunity to strengthen our position and realize our 2030 Goals.

Dear Stakeholders,

As we reflect on 2023, Beckers’ response to external global factors, like the ongoing war in Ukraine, price volatility, and the lasting changes that the pandemic brought, remained proactive and strategic. We reorganized operations in Europe to ensure our independence from any business activity in Russia and adapted to the high inflation rates that have impacted the construction market. Our strategy, focused on enhancing our reach in Coil Coatings globally and strengthening selected segments in Industrial Coatings, continued to be instrumental in maintaining our leadership position despite market fluctuations. All of this demonstrates the importance of staying true to our values throughout these highly transformative times.

Shape and Adapt

While the market – impacted by these events – stabilized at a level lower than the previous years, our ambition remained undeterred. Our dedication to sustainability is evident through several major milestones: We relaunched the Beckers Sustainability Index (BSI), a fundamental tool to ensuring product sustainability, and we kicked off our Climate Strategy 2.0. We brought the first commercial UV/EB Coil Coatings to market, and produced coatings made from recycled materials. These are just a few proof points for how we’ve addressed sustainability challenges in our industry. Our investment in the Sustainable Innovation Center at our site in Liverpool, UK and our ramped-up R&D capabilities underscore our commitment to innovating and developing pioneering sustainable solutions.

Raising the standard of care for our world

The growth potential in Coil Coating, the emphasis on decarbonization, and the opportunities in segments like Agriculture, Construction, Earthmoving Equipment, and Domestic Appliances are poised to shape our trajectory. These opportunities align well with our strategy that integrates business and sustainability: for us these two go hand in hand. Sustainability is an integral part of our identity. It drives innovation, differentiates us in the market, and is deeply embedded in our organizational culture. By putting the well-being of our people first, collaborating with the value chain and providing products on the market with improved sustainability performance we are leaving our mark, and we will continue to do so to live up to our vision.

Christophe Sabas
Berlin, Germany, April 2024

“Continued pressure on our industry to decarbonize”

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