Our Sustainability


We’ve taken a strategic approach to sustainability for more than ten years. Many of our original goals remain at the heart of our vision today.

Timeline of Transformation
A dynamic journey

In order to further strengthen our sustainability efforts in our business, we established our 2030 Sustainability Strategy in 2020. The strategy gives us focus and sets forth our ambitions. Below are some of the monumental moments defining the ongoing transformation in our organization and how we continue to work with sustainability. A story that even makes watching paint dry exciting, this year we even launched a new way to do that with UV/EB curing.

From aligning the definitions and language around sustainability, to pioneering industry standards, launching groundbreaking sustainable products, this journey stands as a testament to innovation, engaged collaboration and a sincerely integrated sustainability strategy.


  • 3rd party verification of Beckers Sustainability Index (BSI)
  • BSI relaunched
  • First commercial UV/EB coating brought to market
  • Safety Leadership Experience workshops rolled out
  • Climate Fresk trainings offered to customers and employees


  • Introduced Mental Health Programs
  • Initiated allyship program to further ground Diversity Equity and Inclusion goals
  • Reached our 2030 Goal of 70% renewable electricity
  • Established Beckers Good practice Knowledge Hub for sharing sustainable projects and practices across Beckers sites


  • 2030 Sustainability Strategy implementation with workshops and action plans for each site
  • Sustainability governance structure change with Global Stream Teams and Beckers Sustainability Council including more members
  • Sustainability Targets as part of our short-term incentive program (STIP)
  • Introduced Community Engagement Commitment


  • Launch of 2030 Sustainability Strategy and Roadmap
  • Kick-off 2030 targets and KPIs
  • Introduced quarterly check-in conversations


  • Conducted stakeholder workshops
  • Finalized our first global employee survey


  • Became a member of UN Global Compact
  • Social Sustainability Roadmap
  • Relaunch of Beckry® Therm App


  • Beckers Sustainability Index App
  • Supplier Code of Conduct created
  • EcoVadis Gold Rating
  • Ecolabel certified products in Malaysia and India


  • Beckers Sustainability Index first introduced
  • Code of Conduct e-learning


  • Sustainability roadmap 2022
  • Beckry®Therm+ app
  • Sustainability e-learning
  • GRI G4 Reporting


  • EcoVadis Silver rating
  • GRI materiality analysis
  • Established Beckers’ Loss Prevention Standard


  • Established our Global Sustainability Committee, further integrating sustainability in the business
  • Coil Coatings with bio-resin


  • First GRI report in line with G3.1 guidelines
  • First Climate report
  • First EKPI reporting system


  • Hired our first Global Sustainability Manager


  • Defined “sustainable products”


  • Started using the four system conditions and the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development to help us define our boundary conditions.


Making high performance coatings and exceeding customer expectations for over 150 years has its share of stories. We continuously improve the materials used and the functionality in our products. This year we have some of the most exciting stories how our product innovations have the potential to transform our industry.


People are at the heart of our products, production and profits. Safety, mental and physical health, and leaving a positive impact in the communities where we operate makes the existence of our business go beyond the surface.


Our operations and work in the supply chain strives to improve our environmental and social impacts. Resource efficiency together with responsible procurement turns our efforts into a positive ripple effect in our value chain.

Climate Action

Get a better picture of our biggest emission reduction opportunities in our Climate Action 2.0 strategy. See what we've learned and how we've made steady progress since our first climate assessment in 2012.

Our Performance dashboard

Explore our comprehensive dashboard for progress across all three sustainability streams.