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Value Creation

At Beckers, our view on value creation is beyond just growth and profit maximation. We think of value in the true sense of the word. That’s why our success is equally determined by financial and non-financial indicators

How we measure what really matters

Evolving how we measure true value is not an exercise that is implemented overnight. Evaluating human and environmental capital is also not a simple or easy task. It has however been a learning and reflective exercise to help prioritize areas where our sustainability strategy needs to further develop. We see that our double materiality assessment and our value creation model will complement each other moving forward. Together these will help us ensure that our priorities mitigate our negative impacts and are in line with how we create the most value for our future.

Our value creation

By including economic, environmental and social considerations when measuring value, we make more informed and responsible business decisions and enable better prioritization of resources. As the world continues to change, it becomes increasingly important to understand the risks and opportunities that our environmental and societal impacts entail and set an example for accountability and transparency.

The Lindéngruppen Value Creation Model

Our owner Lindéngruppen’s Value Creation Model focuses on true value creation. The model includes net income as well as  externalities that can be monetized: Salaries and pay, Taxes and subsidies, Carbon emissions, Waste, Occupational health and safety and Gender equality. The externalities are among those that have the greatest impact on our overall value creation and mitigate our negative impacts. We will continue to use this Value Creation Model in adding a future-focused lens in our strategy, when assessing targets, and in the coming double-materiality assessment in 2024.


Making high performance coatings and exceeding customer expectations for over 150 years has its share of stories. We continuously improve the materials used and the functionality in our products. This year we have some of the most exciting stories how our product innovations have the potential to transform our industry.


People are at the heart of our products, production and profits. Safety, mental and physical health, and leaving a positive impact in the communities where we operate makes the existence of our business go beyond the surface.


Our operations and work in the supply chain strives to improve our environmental and social impacts. Resource efficiency together with responsible procurement turns our efforts into a positive ripple effect in our value chain.

Climate Action

Get a better picture of our biggest emission reduction opportunities in our Climate Action 2.0 strategy. See what we've learned and how we've made steady progress since our first climate assessment in 2012.

Our Performance dashboard

Explore our comprehensive dashboard for progress across all three sustainability streams.