Our diverse, motivated and

Empowered employees

Our employees, with their varied ideas, backgrounds, and experiences, are the cornerstone of our success. Recognizing this, we are committed to fostering a diverse workforce, ensuring equal opportunities for all our team members.

Managing diverse, motivated and empowered employees

Our employees and all the people who work with us are the driving force behind our success. It is through their diverse ideas, backgrounds, and experiences that we build this success. Beckers embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) by fostering a sense of belonging, we aim to create an inclusive culture where everyone can be authentic, feel valued and have the chance to thrive every day. Building on our achievements in promoting gender equality, we continue to widen our focus and learn how to become allies to all underrepresented groups.

Why diverse, motivated and empowered employees are material to us

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Performance Report

At Beckers, we strive to develop an inclusive, gender-balanced organization with highly motivated and empowered employees. We have established 2030 goals to enhance gender diversity: aiming to have women comprise at least 31% of our total workforce and over 40% of our senior management positions.

We motivate our employees to seek continuous growth and improvement. We monitor our dynamic employee engagement goal through our biennial employee engagement survey. The survey measures key aspects such as engagement levels, leadership effectiveness, team efficiency, and the employee Net Promoter Score. To track engagement more accurately, we set benchmarks for survey participation rates and implement targeted improvement actions based on the insights gained from workshop discussions addressing the survey findings. Our feedback culture with regular one-on-one Check-In Conversations between every employee and their manager is an essential part of our employee engagement and personal development efforts. Here, we aim for a completion rate of 80%.

We set ambitious goals to enhance gender diversity

We aim to have women comprise at least 31% of our total workforce and over 40% of our senior management positions.

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How we contribute to a diverse, motivated and empowered workforce

At Beckers, we value every employee equally and actively promote an increasingly inclusive work environment with zero discrimination, equal opportunities and gender balance. We are aware of the possible risks of workplace discrimination and accompanying challenges, and we take a strong stance on these issues, condemning all forms of discrimination.

In 2023 we increased our percentage of the women in our total workforce by roughly one percent (26% in 2023 compared to 25% in 2022), making a positive stride toward our 2030 goal. For that, we launched our initiative “diversity@operations,” to make a difference on the shopfloor as well.

Pack your backpacks!

As part of the Beckers Academy, the Beckers Leadership Journey is a comprehensive initiative aimed at fostering continuous leadership development among Beckers colleagues. Recognizing that great leadership is cultivated over time, the program offers practical learning modules covering a range of relevant topics. Feedback from engagement surveys and development conversations influences the selection of interactive session topics, ensuring alignment with the needs of the workforce. To date, six modules have been offered, including topics like conflict management, team and work efficiency and allyship. With nearly 20% of colleagues participating since its launch in 2021, the program’s value is evident and will continue to be available in 2024 on our intranet, the Rainbow.

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