Progress 2023

We are deeply committed to making a positive contribution to people and society in everything we do.

People with Impact

Our People with Impact stream focuses on our social impacts on our employees, business partners and communities. Being a force for good at every touch point starts and continues with people.

Where we aim to go

By 2030, we aim to be the top employer and the obvious partner for sustainability in our industry.

We are committed to ensuring that people, including our employees and the communities we operate in, benefit from our efforts. We believe that sustainability is not just about protecting the planet, but also about promoting social and economic well-being for all. We’re determined to make a positive difference and create a more sustainable, profitable future by caring for our planet and people.

Based on our materiality assessment, we have categorized our material topics, with several topics relevant to the People with Impact stream. We strive to cultivate a workforce that is diverse, motivated, and empowered. We are dedicated to fostering an environment where every individual, regardless of their position within our company, is encouraged to continuously learn and grow. Ensuring the safety and well-being of our employees, partners, and customers is paramount to us, and we actively promote a safe and healthy work environment. Finally, we advance social engagement with our local stakeholders to support sustainable development in their communities.

Female employees


Zero accidents


Employee engagement

In line with top performing companies

Social Engagement

Positive impact on children and youth

Our aim is to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals:

Outcome 2023

Female Employees

Increasing the percentage of women in our total workforce is one aspect of creating a culture where everyone is included and can perform at their best.


of all employees are women, 0.9%-pts increase from 2022.

Zero Accidents

Our forever goal to never have an accident on our watch is why we emphasize the importance of an established safety culture, advanced equipment and preventative processes.


total recordable work-related injury frequency rate (TRIFR) per million hours worked reported in 2023, compared to 4.6 in 2022.

Employee engagement

Our employee engagement reflects the clarity of our company’s direction and the energy in our organization.

While assessing our efforts can be complex, one way we measure our progress is with our biennial employee engagement survey, tracking several indicators, such as engagement, leadership, team efficiency and eNPS (employee net promoter score).


Progress towards the 2030 target to be in line with top performing companies, based on the average of our key indicators. While our organization has maintained a high leadership index, we see room for improvement in our overall engagement, management and eNPS.

Social engagement

Our unified efforts to benefit the children and youth in our communities creates a positive impact on both our employees and our community.

This year we further worked on assessing our impacts and how to shape our initiatives to maximize impact.


Percentage of countries where we have community engagement activities, compared to 76% in 2022.

Safety in focus

Realizing the risk of fire incidents, we sharpened our focus on fire-safety and prevention. Our safety program has three focus areas: people and safety culture, facilities and equipment, and processes and compliance. We already see progress with our safety program, but we also see the need to establish the culture of safety across the organization. Supported by 27% of our planned investments in the coming four years, we are reinforcing a strengthened emphasis on establishing safety across all three focus areas on every level.

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Continuous learning

We have launched our concept of Beckers Academy, as we know how eager and curious our colleagues are to learn and grow. The Leadership Journey continued during 2023, with more interactive sessions on relevant topics for our current and future leaders.

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2023 Sustainability Awards: People with Impact

Pareethu Najeeb, Linto Varghese, and Jen Joy Alex were awarded for their pioneering work in developing the Earth Static Monitoring System at our site in the United Arab Emirates. This award recognizes their innovative approach to enhancing static electricity control and significantly minimizing fire risks, marking a milestone in proactive safety measures.

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Risks and Opportunities

Risks and Opportunities related to Our diverse, motivated and empowered employees, safety and well-being, and social engagement.

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