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Community engagement is a meaningful way for our employees to give back to the surrounding community.

Managing social engagement

Children and youth represent our future, and a common thread that connects us all. For this reason, we direct our community engagement initiatives towards a unified cause that benefits young people, fostering a collective commitment to their well-being and development.

We have not set a formal target for our community engagement; however, we are monitoring several KPIs and introduced an impact KPI in 2023 to improve our measurement of the activities. We are aiming to set a 2030 goal for the total number of children and youth impacted positively by our activities.

Why social engagement is material to us

Read more about the risks and opportunities associated with social engagement and our materiality assessment in our Performance Report 2023.

Performance Report

How we contribute to social engagement

At Beckers, our commitment to community support is integral to who we are. We actively engage in local projects, community programs, and collaborations with selected non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to deepen our social engagement. Our initiatives are designed to support the affected communities where Beckers operates. We encourage our employees to volunteer for local initiatives during company time, reflecting our dedication to community well-being. Aware of our responsibilities, we strive to mitigate any potential or actual negative impacts through comprehensive management of all our material topics, demonstrating our commitment to positive community and environmental stewardship.

In 2023, a framework was established and shared during workshops to introduce the concept of measuring impact across our various initiatives focused on benefitting children and youth. Initiatives are driven locally at the different sites with varying number of participants depending on the size of the site. Measuring impact of some of these initiatives is complex, but we see that by using the lens of impact, we engage in more meaningful projects with a lasting change, compared to projects just seeking out higher participation rates or money spent.

16 out of 17 countries had community engagement initiatives during 2023, benefitting children in many ways including education, sports activities, career advice, better infrastructure, and more.

“Social engagement lies at the heart of impactful change”

Our employees are woven into the fabric of our local communities, and our ability to benefit these communities creates a ripple-effect of positive change. Driving community engagement locally allows us to live out our company values and create more opportunities to be a force for good.

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