Progress 2023

Beckers’ overall ambition is to provide high-performance coatings that help advance society while protecting the planet.

Products with Impact

Our Products with Impact stream sets the course for a win-win-win scenario that benefits both our company and our customers while enhancing the value of our end-consumers’ products. That means that we develop high-performance coatings that incorporate more sustainable practices and materials into our products and processes. By doing so we seek to minimize the harmful impacts of our coatings and provide functional sustainability benefits.

Where we aim to go

By 2030, our ambition is to deliver surface solutions that help advance society while protecting the planet.

Net-sustainable sales


Of revenue from BSI Achiever class

Net-sustainable Innovation


Of all new products from BSI Achiever class

Products in concern class


Sales within BSI Concern class

Our aim is to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals:

Outcome 2023

Net-sustainable sales

We want to increase our sales in products that have a positive impact on the planet and society.

The Beckers Sustainability Index (BSI) was relaunched, which is a tool to help all stakeholders understand and rank the product’s sustainability impacts.


Products in BSI Achiever class increased up to 41%

Net-sustainable Innovation

Not only do we want to sell more sustainable products, we want to create better ones for the future.

We sold the first commercial batches of our newly developed UV/EB products

We started the construction of our Sustainable Innovation Centre in Liverpool, UK.

Products in BSI Concern class

Phasing out all our products in the BSI Concern class improves the environmental footprint of our products throughout their lifecycle.


During 2023, we maintained 7% of our products coming from BSI concern class

We held trainings with our customers to inform them of the risks that come with products in the BSI Concern class, and proposed better alternatives.


In 2023 we launched the first ultra-violet electron beam cured high performance coatings on the market. Here’s how we did it and the potential we see that it has to lower our customers’ carbon footprint.

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BSI relaunch

Transparency is the key to initiating real change. The BSI aims to categorize what makes our products more or less sustainable- making the choices more transparent for our customers, while aiding our research and development teams to introduce only BSI Achiever class status products. See what’s under the hood and how we made it even more transparent this year.

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2023 Sustainability Award: Products with Impact

Namrita Zakane and Theva Shanmugam are awarded for their exceptional work in developing the Global R&D Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Simulation Tool. This innovative tool enables sustainable product development in our R&D labs in accordance with the principles of the BSI. It is a significant enabler, crucial in evaluating the composition and environmental impact of raw materials in product formulations that are “under development,” allowing better alignment with the requirements of the BSI.

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Risks and Opportunities

Risks and Opportunities related to Sustainable Product Portfolio & Breakthrough Innovations

Performance Report

What's happening in the R&D lab?

Tune in to a conversation between James Maxted, our Global Product Sustainability Director, and James Smith, our Global R&D Director for Long Term Development, as they review our main product accomplishments in 2023 and share what we're looking forward to in 2024.

UV/EB curing technology

Years of research came to fruition with the launch of the world’s first commercial UV/EB coatings.

Our improved version of BSI

We relaunched and validated our flagship tool to measure the sustainability performance of our products.

Our Performance dashboard

Explore our comprehensive dashboard for progress across all three sustainability streams.

2030 Goals

Our 2030 Goals steer our transformation in the direction where we see that we need to go for all three streams, Products with Impact, People with Impact and Operations with Impact. These are implemented company-wide.