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Increased reuse and waste reduction on smaller sites

Efficiency efforts and inventory activity impacted our waste results in 2020. We reduced waste by only 1%, compared to an 8% reduction in production.

8,144 (8,187 in 2019)

tons of total waste

2,245(2,323 in 2019)

tons recycled waste

GRI 103/306

In 2020 we had solid waste reductions on our smaller sites. However, the relatively small reduction in total waste was due to major clearing activity at many sites to dispose of obsolete inventory, for example on a site where a new Enterprise Resource Planning system was introduced.  The decrease in waste we saw on some of our smaller sites can be attributed to them starting to produce more locally. Therefore, for example, less packaging material was used.

Total weight of waste by type & disposal method

28% Non-Hazardous

2,244 tons

Domestic waste and certain industrial waste that is not considered a risk to human health and environment as per regulations in country of operation.

72% hazardous

5,870 tons

Waste from chemicals or contaminated by chemicals that have a risk to human health or environment as per regulations in country of operation.

26% reused

2,108 tons

Materials reused in the market without major re-manufacturing processes to alter them.

28% recycled

2,245 tons

Used materials that are broken down to make raw materials for manufacturing of new products.

42% incinerated

3,459 tons of which 2,682 tons was with heat recovery

Combustion of waste with the possibility to recover energy from heat generated.

4% landfilled

301 tons

Disposal by dumping waste in government-designated areas.

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Focus on repurposing of waste

At Beckers we aim for reused or recycled waste, which together is defined as repurposed waste. In 2020 we succeeded to move in the right direction and increased the total amount of repurposed waste. This was because several more of our sites have increased the amount of waste that is reused since some sites started to reuse packing material such as drums and Intermediate Bulk Containers.

Waste intensity, kg / ton product

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