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In 2020 we worked to positively impact our production and supply chain activities – from reducing transport emissions to investing in the circular economy. By 2030, our ambition is to have positive contributions from our operations and supply chain.

Our goals

  • 55% CO₂e reduction from our own operations
  • 50% CO₂e reduction from third-party logistics
  • 75% repurposed waste
  • 100% sourcing aligned with our Responsible Sourcing Strategy

Our approach

GRI 103/302,
GRI 103/305,  
GRI 103/306

Our long-term ambition is to grow our business while reducing our environmental impact. To track and encourage progress towards this goal, we set annual targets for energy use, VOC emissions and waste. Our latest results illustrate the progress we are making in this journey. On the following pages, we will look at our environmental key performance indicators, the impact the changes in business operations had on those indicators, and how they were influenced by other environmental factors as well as our site initiatives.



Our sites aim for carbon neutral business activities.

  • Source renewable energy for our production activities.
  • Implement energy efficiency programs.
  • Promote innovative initiatives to minimize the carbon emissions from travel.
  • Reduce VOC emissions significantly.

Our operations endorse the principles of circular economy: resources are conserved and repurposed.

  • Strive to eliminate waste.
  • Reduce to zero the amount of waste sent to landfill.
  • Repurpose (reuse or recycle) our waste.
  • Water used as a raw material will be conserved and responsibly sourced.
  • Implement a comprehensive wastewater management system.

Our supply chain partners globally operate on the basis of the same corporate social responsibility standards as Beckers.

  • All regular suppliers sign our Supplier Code of Conduct.
  • All key raw material suppliers are regularly monitored by an independent CSR rating institute.
  • Selected critical suppliers have successfully passed our audit on their operations and supply chain.
  • Third parties commit to a significant reduction of CO₂.

“Operations with impact is an important pillar of our 2030 Sustainability Strategy. Everyone at Beckers must understand how they can contribute to becoming carbon neutral and make progress towards circularity..."

Ridzuan Abdullah - Operations Director Asia & Middle East

As a chemical industry manufacturer, energy efficiency and our CO₂ footprint are two of our essential sustainability topics. To support sustainable development globally, we need to use energy from renewable sources. Energy use in operations and in the transportation of goods has a major impact on the climate. Some coatings include volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These not only have a significant impact on the climate, they may also have an impact on health. We have therefore set targets for reducing greenhouse gases and VOC emissions. Finally, we also have ambitious targets to reduce the amount of waste from our operations and we are seeking ways to eliminate or repurpose waste wherever we can.

Multiple waste reduction initiatives in our operations support our efforts towards more circularity.

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