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Recognizing sustainability improvements in our supply chain

The Beckers Supplier Award honors suppliers for their efforts and commitment to improve the sustainability of their operations.

Beckers relies on raw materials developed, manufactured and delivered by our suppliers. Our upstream supply chain is a big part of our success and our environmental footprint. We want to inspire all our supply chain partners to work with us to create a positive impact on our industry globally. This is the inspiration for our annual Beckers Supplier Award. Our procurement team has worked closely with our suppliers to track and improve the sustainability of all the raw materials we use. We believe firmly this is the most effective way to achieve our sustainability goals. The process begins with an assessment followed by the creation of a road map of actions for improvement. This is now an integral part of our supplier management process. We call it ‘Chain Up!’. Driving sustainability through our supply chain

Close collaboration with suppliers is key to reaching our sustainability goals.

Together with EcoVadis, we have invited critical suppliers to carry out an online assessment of their sustainability management. The minimum standard we are looking for is 40 points in each of the four subcategories – environment, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. We have adopted the EcoVadis online assessment as a standard tool to evaluate our raw material suppliers and believe it could become a standard solution to improve sustainability across our industry. Indeed, many of our key partners are already using EcoVadis and have now reached the sustainability threshold that we have set. We recognize how much work is required to reach this threshold. To acknowledge these efforts, we have established the Beckers Supplier Award. It is intended to show our appreciation to the supplier that has made the most progress. We work with outstanding partners at Beckers and appreciate their efforts and commitment. We hope that more of our suppliers will join us in this journey in the coming year. The Beckers Supplier Award will be made on an annual basis and the winner announced in the Beckers Sustainability Report. The award underlines our belief that through collaboration and communication we can push sustainability standards across the industry.

Crest Resin – Beckers Supplier Award winner 2020

This year’s winner is Crest Resin from India. Crest Resin is the leading supplier of resins to the coatings and related industries in India and the leading supplier of polyesters to Beckers in India. The company also plays an important role for the business in the Gulf region and in Bangladesh. The winner was chosen in a poll of our purchasing managers at our annual global procurement meeting. The candidates included all suppliers who had succeeded in improving their EcoVadis score during the year and reached the minimum threshold required. Crest Resin was selected by our team because it had proved itself in sustainability management and showed willingness to expand its business with Beckers through long-term thinking. It is the first local resin supplier to be approved through EcoVadis, making a significant step toward corporate social responsibility for India’s chemical industry.

Yuanli – Beckers Supplier Award winner 2019

The 2019 winner was Yuanli Chemical Group, a China-based company with two production plants located in Weifang and Chongquing. They are market leader in the production and sales of chemicals. The main product is dibasic ester (MDBE) which accounts for 30% of the supplier’s total production output, fatty alcohol (1,6 hexandiol - HDO) and plasticizers. Beckers has intensively worked with Yuanli on a regular basis over the past years for its global supply of dibasic ester and has observed many positive developments in risk management and sustainability. The supplier has constantly worked to achieve a Silver EcoVadis status. Yuanli was selected because they have a formalized process in place to assess and document environmental risks. They also have specific measures to reduce energy consumption, commitments on the management of their labor and human rights practices as well as sustainable procurement policies on both supplier environmental and social practice.

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