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GRI Report 2020

Beckers 9th annual sustainability report covers the sustainability performance of the Beckers Group for 2020.

GRI 102 – 46

The material topics have been identified based on their relevance to the business in terms of impacts and in relation to the stakeholders. Stakeholders are those identified in the stakeholder dialogue conducted in 2015. Starting in 2016, reporting practices were adapted to enable a transition to GRI Standards. This was followed by a review of the material topics. Beckers conducted a further extensive stakeholder dialogue in 2019. Based on this process, we developed our 2030 Sustainability Strategy.

GRI Standards

GRI 102 – 47

This report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards: Core option. The reporting consists of the sustainability report and this GRI report. Both are published together on Beckers’ website. All of Beckers’ 31 legal entities in 21 countries are included in the report. The GRI Index in this document compiles disclosure information and explains any omissions to the reported data. The data have not been externally audited. Beckers’ material topics correspond to the following topic-specific GRI Standards and own disclosures:

Material topic

GRI Standard or Own Disclosure


Provide materially sustainable coatings

Own disclosure: Product stewardship
GRI 301: Materials 2016

Provide functionally sustainable coatings

Create breakthrough innovations


Focus on diverse, motivated and empowered employees

GRI 401: Employment 2016
GRI 405: Diversity and Equal Opportunity 2016

Focus on safety and well-being

GRI 403: Occupational Health and Safety 2018
GRI 404: Training and Education 2016
GRI 408: Child Labor 2016
GRI 409: Forced or Compulsory Labor 2016

Promote social engagements

Own disclosure: Local Communities


Promote carbon neutral activities

GRI 302: Energy 2016
GRI 305: Emissions 2016

Drive the circular economy

GRI 306: Effluents and Waste 2016

Strengthen supply chain sustainability

Own disclosure: Product stewardship
GRI 408: Child Labor 2016
GRI 409: Forced or Compulsory Labor 2016

UN Global Compact and SDGs

Beckers Group became a signatory to the UN Global Compact (UNGC) in 2018 and our sustainability report and this GRI report serve as our Communication on Progress. To us, the ten principles of the UNGC define the foundation on which a responsible business should stand. Starting from that foundation, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) define the future we all want and that we need to strive for in our business. In the respective sections we link our material topics to the relevant UNGC principles as well as to the SDGs.

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Our strategy process


Stakeholder engagement


GRI material topics disclosures

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