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Dear Stakeholders

At Beckers, we firmly believe that our success depends on accepting our responsibility to the future. We will therefore take the lead in our industry and push the boundaries for surface performance beyond protection and beauty.
We want to have real impact via our products!

GRI 102 – 14

The transformation of our product portfolio will take us into unchartered territory moving away from business as usual. Traditionally, coatings products are anything but “green”, but the impact of our products and operations on sustainability improvements for the industry, people and the planet are immense. We are well equipped to face this challenge, but it will also take a good deal of courage and perseverance to get there. We take this journey together with our customers, who will benefit from the innovation this brings, our suppliers, who will have a more sustainable value chain and all other stakeholders.

Our main achievements regarding sustainability in 2020
The move towards industry leadership in sustainability is an organization-wide transformation. In 2020, we defined our methodology and how we want to approach sustainability at Beckers, focusing on three pillars: People, Products and Operations. We also laid the foundations for achieving our goals with the publication of our 2030 Sustainability Strategy. We have set ambitious goals and actionable KPIs and we have started our internal campaign to get all of our colleagues on board. Everyone’s contribution counts!

There are a number of specific achievements I would like to highlight from 2020.

(What) In the products stream, 2020 saw the introduction and line trials for new net-sustainable products. We continued the development of our rating scheme and indicator for the sustainability of coatings. This is a proprietary tool for ranking sustainability and an industry first.

(We) In the people stream, one of our focus areas was occupational health & safety, which meant working towards our goal of zero accidents and, of course, preventing the spread of Covid-19. We also confirmed our commitment to diversity and inclusion with our non discrimination policy, invested in leadership development and set the foundation of a feedback culture at Beckers with the introduction of quarterly Check-In Conversations.

(Do) In the operations stream, we introduced new waste management initiatives on several sites and continued the roll-out of our initiative to recondition paint barrels in France and Germany.

Opportunities and challenges in having sustainability as a driver for our business
We are committed to making products with more sustainable materials and functions that mitigate the effects of climate change and make a positive contribution to the challenges the world faces today. The opportunities this offers are huge. Not only are our customers increasingly sourcing from proven sustainable suppliers, but they are also asking us to support them in making their products more sustainable. This will drive innovation and put value creation at the heart of our business model. Our sustainability strategy has given all of us a sense of purpose and pride as citizens and as employees. Our workforce will be more motivated and more efficient as a result.

“Together we will change the game!”

Christophe Sabas – CEO

The biggest challenge I see is, are we moving fast enough? Customer demands are changing quickly, and our supply chains are becoming increasingly complex. As climate change and other forms of environmental degradation force us to rethink the way we use natural resources, we will continue to create real value for our employees, our customers and our owner and at the same time drive innovation and sustainability within our industry. Together, we define our way ahead.

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