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Introducing our leadership

Beckers Group is owned by Lindéngruppen, a Swedish family business with a focus on the long-term development of industrial companies.


Christophe Sabas
Dr. Karsten Eller
Olivier Laune
Chief Financial Officer
Judith Jungmann
Chief Human Resources Officer
Paul Menezes
President Coil Coatings Asia & Middle East (A&ME)
Christian Vogel
President Industrial Coatings

Christophe Sabas was appointed Interim CEO on 20.06.2020 and CEO on 12.11.2020. CEO until 20.06.2020: Dr. Boris Gorella

GRI 102 – 18

Our corporate head office is located in Berlin, Germany. Beckers Group is governed by its Board of Directors, which meets four times a year. Our CEO and selected Executive Group members participate in these meetings. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, no physical meeting took place during 2020. The current Executive Committee consists of the CEO, COO, CFO, CHRO and Presidents of all business units. It holds monthly calls and physical meetings four times a year. The physical meetings are held at Beckers’ sites, the location changes for each meeting. In 2020 there were no physical meetings due to the Covid-19 crisis. Beckers recruited a CTO in 2020 who joined the company in April 2021. His role will be to focus on innovation and sustainability. The new CTO joins the Beckers Executive Committee.

“At Lindéngruppen, when we talk about value creation we think of total value. It is not just the financial value but also the value that we create for people, the planet and the society. We want our companies to become leaders in the transition to a sustainable society and this comes through so well in Beckers‘ Sustainability Strategy.”

Paul Schrotti – Chairman

Sustainability is a key part of the Executive Committee’s agenda, with final responsibility of the CEO, Christophe Sabas. Beckers' 2030 Sustainability Strategy is divided into three work streams, each of which falls under the responsibility of an Executive Committee member. The sustainability agenda is given further drive and support by a dedicated sustainability team led by the Global Sustainability Director, Nicklas Augustsson. The Sustainability Committee, which is chaired by the Global Sustainability Director, is responsible for strategy development, stakeholder engagement and alignment. It consists of representatives from all key functions and regions.


Paul Schrotti
Jenny Lindén Urnes
Christophe Sabas
CEO, Beckers Group
Georg Brunstam
Chairman, Hexpol AB
Mark Hamlin
Chair, Organisation Resource UK
Malin Persson
CEO and owner,
Accuracy AB
Suzanne Thoma
Leonardo Franconeri
Labour Representative  
Päivi Kukkonen
Labour Representative

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