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Our strategy process

At Beckers, we are determined to ensure our company is part of the solution for a sustainable future. For us 2020 was extremely important in this regard. We launched our 2030 Sustainability Strategy, set ambitious targets and KPIs to measure our progress with it, and rolled it out across the whole organization. Our sustainability strategy is now the core of our company strategy.


sales are net-sustainable products


sales are net-sustainable products


new R&D products are net-sustainable

  • Inclusive, gender-balanced organization

  • Engagement in line with top performing companies

Role model of well-being

Socially engaged business

  • 55% CO₂e reduction from our own operations

  • 50% CO₂e reduction from third-party logistics


repurposed waste


sourcing aligned with our Responsible Sourcing Strategy

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Our 2030 Sustainability Strategy is divided in three streams and contains ambitious goals and actionable key performance indicators for each. Last fall, we kicked off the real work by communicating these across the company. In this report we show how we have begun implementing our 2030 Sustainability Strategy, making sustainability our priority even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Rolling out the strategy

The UN and world leaders call the years up to 2030 the “Decade of Action”. We also are clear that it will be our actions, not just words or strategy that will create impact and therefore have worked quickly to translate our goals into activities. After publishing the sustainability strategy in July 2020, the Executive Committee worked together with the sustainability team to finalize the KPIs and targets for each of the three streams. These ambitious goals were then challenged and approved by internal expert groups and finally, in September, by the Beckers Board. In fall 2020 we started fully rolling out the strategy across the company with a series of events designed to get everyone on board (see box for details).

The three streams

The 2030 Sustainability Strategy is divided into three work streams: People with impact, Products with impact and Operations with impact. Within each stream we have defined our approach, set ambitious goals and strong KPIs.

“There is no planet B. It is our responsibility today to ensure that we all have a future on it.”

Dr. Miranda Johansson | Technical Manager R&D Coil Coatings North Europe

Progress towards our goals

The progress we made towards our goals in 2020 is set out in detail in this report. It is also visible throughout Beckers. Within each stream, these are some of the highlights.

What. Products with impact.

We. People with impact.

Do. Operations with impact.

  • Signed new contracts for green electricity
  • Implementation of waste management initiatives on different sites It’s all about the small steps
  • Continued roll-out of initiative to introduce reconditioned paint barrels in France and Germany
  • Significant increase in number of suppliers approved for their CSR approach
  • Strengthening supply chain sustainability through the initiation of supplier awards
  • Climate assessment and emissions tracking since 2011 to limit our impact Recognizing sustainability improvements in our supply chain

Key topics on the agenda in 2021

In 2021 we will complete the full roll-out and integration of the 2030 Sustainability Strategy across the company. Employee engagement will continue to be a main focus. Each colleague will take responsibility for the sustainability strategy in their own sphere of influence. Driving forward the 2030 Sustainability Strategy will be a key priority in everyone’s daily work. The global sustainability team offers support to everyone across the company with trainings, workshops and communication material. All sites will develop individual roadmaps as well as action plans and strategies for sustainable investments. We will integrate our products into the Beckers Sustainability Index. This will make our portfolio more transparent and give our customers a holistic view of how the improvements in our products can help them to make progress towards net-sustainable products. We will enhance the internal environmental audits of our sites and initiate a global industrial investment plan. We will hold the next global employee engagement survey to continuously listen to our colleagues and define actions to optimize the employee experience.

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Products with impact


People with impact


Operations with impact

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