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The big picture

Covid-19 dominated our lives in 2020. Experts see the virus not only as a global health challenge but as one of many indications of a major crisis in our system.

With the extinction of species, loss of biodiversity, humans living closer to nature than ever before, as well as our globalized society – we’ve given this virus the perfect environment to spread. But if it were not for Covid-19, the top news of the year might have been the fact that, in Europe at least, 2020 was the hottest year on record. Across the globe the effects of climate change were felt – whether it was the wildfires in Australia or later in the United States, or regions of the Arctic reaching 38°C in summer, climate-related extreme weather events were constantly in the news, even if the headlines focused on the unfolding pandemic. The impact of the system crisis we face is not limited to the environment. Covid-19 has made inequalities more visible in our societies. We’ve seen how fragile many of our achievements are, for example in women’s and children’s rights. There is a risk that the pandemic sets back progress in many of these areas, and it has become clear that the most devastating consequences of Covid-19 have been felt by the weakest in our societies.

Our vision

Beckers will become the most sustainable industrial coatings company in the world.

But 2020 was also a year in which the world listened to scientists. Despite the pandemic – or because of it – the voices for real change became stronger. The voices came from across society including business. Businesses everywhere – among them our customers and suppliers – want to be part of the solution.

Our purpose

We will transform our industry by developing solutions that give surfaces a new meaning and create maximum positive impact for our customers, for society and the planet.

As a company Beckers has long recognized that we have an important role to play in this space. We want to transform our industry by developing solutions that create maximum positive impact for our customers, society and the planet. That’s our purpose. We want to be a leader in the transformation of our industry – and we mean business. For Beckers 2020 was pivotal in this regard. We launched our 2030 Sustainability Strategy, set ambitious targets and KPIs to measure our progress with it, and rolled it out across the whole organization. Our sustainability strategy is now the core of our company strategy. We are changing the way we measure the success of our business. Success will no longer be measured only by growth, but by the value that we create through our people and products for society and the planet. We want to be part of the solution! That is our responsibility and our purpose.

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