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Feedback culture and employee growth

Establishing a strong feedback culture at Beckers

Our employees told us they wanted more frequent feedback from managers and opportunities to grow.

“I am so proud of our launch of the feedback culture: almost every employee had a Check-In Conversation in 2020!”
Judith Jungmann – Chief Human Resources Officer

In response, we have introduced a system of frequent one-on-one Check-In Conversations between every employee and their manager. Ongoing feedback is the simplest way to boost development. It enables every person to learn about their own strengths and possible blind spots. Everybody can match it with the own self-reflection to grow. The objective is to create a simple but focused dialogue format to stimulate employee self-reflection and feedback together with their manager. Managers hold conversations with each of their employees on a quarterly basis. The conversations are documented digitally in the myBeckers internal system. Both managers and employees are provided with information in advance to ensure everyone is clear about the objectives of the conversations, how they should be conducted, and what to do with the outcome.

How are you? How do you feel?

Clarity of role and targets
What am I responsible for, what is expected?
On performance and fit with values
What do I do really well/best?
Performance and fit with values
What do I need to improve?
What do I need from you/my boss?

The Check-In Conversations have established an essential feedback channel between managers and their team members. They provide employees with clarity about their role and responsibilities, as well as feedback on their performance. For managers, they provide an opportunity to gain valuable insights from their team.


of all employees had at least one feedback conversation


hours spent on team efficiency training in 9 languages

The importance of a feedback culture during the Covid-19 pandemic
With many of our employees working from home during the pandemic, the digital Check-In Conversations have been an essential feedback tool. Although video Check-In Conversations are not a perfect replacement for face-to-face meetings, they do provide essential manager-employee interaction.Employees and managers alike appreciated the simplicity of the format and said it had enabled them to gain new insights and understanding of their colleagues.

Supporting employees to learn and grow
Trainings that were rolled out globally in 2020 included sessions on team efficiency, feedback culture and Check-In Conversations. There was a leadership training pilot at Beckers Germany and we renewed our anti-corruption e-learning. We had a drop in training hours due to physical trainings that where canceled, postponed or held online in a smaller format.

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