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Fostering a behavior-based safety system

Our accident rates have been at a very low level for some years now, but our goal is of course zero accidents. Therefore we are emphasizing this topic in 2021 again, with a special focus on safety reporting and behavior training.

While in 2020 our absolute focus was on keeping our employees safe from Covid-19 with local measures and global best-practice sharing, we also consolidated our robust system of safety and continued to focus on zero accidents. Safety observations play a key role providing our colleagues with a safe work environment. If risks are identified early on, accidents can be avoided. Our safety reporting mechanism provides every Beckers employee with a centralized platform to report on safety observations and near misses and we have seen some good results in this regard. All safety reports are tracked and distributed to all country heads on a monthly basis, who then can in turn investigate and deal with issues as quickly as possible to avoid repeating any exposure to risk. A strong safety culture encourages employees to continuously report safety observations.

Safety anniversary in Poland

Our site in Poland had a special anniversary: 10 years without Lost Time Injury (LTI). How did the team achieve this? Several reasons: dedication, culture of work discipline, and effective management, but also plant design, ergonomic solutions, daily housekeeping, and effective maintenance.

Accident rates TRIR


for the group


for EAA


for AME

Moving from LTI to TRI reporting

GRI 103/403

With this 2020 Sustainability Report, we are introducing next to our LTI (lost time injury) our TRI (total recordable injury) rate. Recordable injury means the sum of reported lost time injuries, medical treatment injuries, and alternate duty cases. We believe this will help us to identify risks more accurately and establish more robust responses to accidents that occur.

Lost time injuries/LTI rate

Lost time injuries / LTI rate

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