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Sustainability Award

The Beckers Sustainability Award in the category People with impact was given to Brigitte Vaccaro, Pauline Barou and Anne-Eva Noyel for setting up automatic PPE dispensers for more safety and better access.

They made the lives of their colleagues easier by making the distribution process of personal protection equipment (PPE) at our site in Montbrison, France more efficient and effective through automation. The team set up three dispensers that are available round the clock and placed them strategically at the entrance to the changing facilities. They work like snack machines allowing employees to help themselves to safety glasses, earplugs, gloves, masks and suits as and when they need them. The automated service allows PPE consumption to be directly monitored. Some items can also be ordered via an electronic catalogue. The dispensers display current safety messages and are stacked by ITHAC, a company that supports the integration of people with special needs.

Brigitte Vaccaro, Pauline Barou & Anne-Eva Noyel

Reasoning of the jury

The jury gave points for innovation, transferability and improving the safety of our people. Working towards the goal of zero accidents is Beckers’ first priority. By making safety equipment more easily accessible and improving the inventory management the project helps us meet this goal. Users mentioned that the level of bureaucracy to get safety equipment was significantly reduced. The colleagues feel better protected and the location was well chosen. Furthermore, in the current pandemic the automated system has the advantage of reducing contact with other colleagues and therefore the spread of the virus.

“We are happy to have received the Beckers Sustainability Award. Our intention was to make the lives of our colleagues a little safer and facilitate a daily process for them. We hope that this initiative can be used as best-practice example for other sites.”

Anne-Eva Noyel – EHS Coordinator of Beckers France

Our winners

For the year 2020 we have had the highest number of participants for the Beckers Sustainability Award yet. We are pleased to announce the winners of the annual Beckers Sustainability Award 2020. Every year, we are impressed by the standard of nominations – something that makes the job of choosing finalists and winners even harder for our judges. The Beckers Sustainability Committee makes a shortlist and judges the submissions according to the value they add toward reaching the goals of our 2030 Sustainability Strategy. The committee also takes into account the impact on our business, the level of innovation, the passion and commitment of the team, as well as the transferability of the project and idea. We’d like to acknowledge and congratulate all contributors, especially the finalists. We had 30 nominations from 11 sites. This year, for the first time, we have awarded winners for projects in each of the three streams of our 2030 Sustainability Strategy – products, people, and operations with impact.

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