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Highly diffuse reflective coatings reduce energy consumption

Chengdu Tianfu International Airport will be one of the most environmentally friendly Chinese airport hubs when it is completed.

The new Tianfu Airport in Chengdu, China

Sustainability has been a focus throughout the development of Chengdu Tianfu International Airport, which will be the third largest airport hub in China upon completion. Beckers has played its part in increasing the new airport’s sustainability by providing a high-build microwrinkle coating system for the interior. The coating system has a diffuse light reflectance value of over 95 percent. Airport interiors pose a particular challenge in terms of sustainability as they are lit 24 hours a day. Beckers’ coating not only has remarkable functional characteristics but also very good material properties. Alongside the high light reflectivity, the topcoat has a soft touch finish which improves illumination and does not contain heavy metals and chromates.

Together these factors reduce the amount of interior lighting required, resulting in energy savings and improved sustainability. The project represents a key step for Beckers toward its aim of making a positive impact with products that are both innovative and sustainable. The product could be used to reduce lighting energy consumption in train stations, exhibition spaces or convention centers.

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