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Beckry®Fresh 2000

Making building envelope maintenance more sustainable

Keeping buildings looking attractive in warm and humid tropical regions is not easy.

Easy-to-clean topcoats enable the building envelope to look as fresh as possible for as long as possible.

Add to that the pollution associated with rapid urbanization and it means that buildings in cities in parts of Asia and Latin America have to be frequently cleaned, repainted and restored. One of the main drivers is that even prestigious buildings can look awful in a few months because of the dirt pick-up phenomenon. This requires not only a substantial amount of time and cost, but also resources. Beckers has developed Beckry®Fresh 2000, a two-coat system that is simpler and cheaper than the standard self-cleaning system and keeps the building envelope fresh-looking for as long as possible. It also brings substantial sustainability gains. The standard self-cleaning technology is a 3-coat system. A thin hydrophilic layer of inorganic coating is applied to a conventional primer and topcoat. It usually takes two passes of the coil coating line to apply this system, which is both tricky and costly.

“Today, the sustainability aspects of coatings have moved beyond the use of environmentally-friendly materials. The future sustainable product itself needs to have more versatile functional capabilities that also help improve our planet and the lives of those who use it.”

Khong Wei Teh – Product Optimisation Manager, Long Term Development Laboratory Asia & Middle East

Beckry®Fresh 2000 is a two-coat self-cleaning system. Made with durable and sustainable ingredients, the system provides a high level of hardness which prevents dirt from embedding into the coating. The hydrophilic surface attracts atmospheric moisture and forms a fine film of water on the coating surface which acts as a barrier to dirt. The hydrophilic technology also makes the system self-cleaning, allowing rainwater to rinse off the surface easily taking dust particles with it. The system’s thermal control properties maximize surface cooling to avoid the coating from softening in high temperatures and possibly staining. After long-term exposure at sites in the tropics with high levels of pollution Beckry®Fresh 2000 has proven its worth. The system lowers maintenance costs and extends the service life of the building. It also reduces the amount of water and chemical waste associated with cleaning and the energy required to keep the building at the right temperature. And as a 2-coat system it can be applied in just one pass. Our Long Term Development Laboratory has been collaborating with sites in China, India, Mexico, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and Sweden to bring this state-of-the-art technology to the market. It is a prime example of a functionally sustainable product that makes a positive contribution our customers and society.

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