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Our highlights and progress

GRI 103/301
GRI 103/Product Stewardship

To measure our progress towards our ambitious targets, we have developed the Beckers Sustainability Index (BSI) matrix. Beckers offers a transparent product classification tool to map and measure full systems’ sustainability. It will help the industry and Beckers for both R&D and commercial purposes. The BSI classifies the sustainable impact of coating systems via a material and functional dimension. It is already widely in use for Coil Coatings. In 2020, we began with the classification of all our Industrial Coatings. In order to simplify communication, all existing and new products will be placed into one of four defined classes that uniquely reflect our products’ sustainability attributes.

Functional sustainability
We measure functional sustainability on the basis of how much our coatings contribute to improving the sustainability of the products they coat. The measures include to what extent the coating improves product lifetime or the product energy efficiency, reduces product maintenance, or even improves the well-being of the product user. This will be our competitive advantage in the future. Making building envelope maintenance more sustainable

Material sustainability
Material sustainability measures the sustainability of how we make our coatings and the materials we chose to use. It measures the extent to which a coating is derived from minerals that are sustainably mined and not scarce in nature. It also measures how much the coating is based on renewable (bio-based or recycled) raw materials, whether it is free from persistent and toxic substances, and how far we have minimized any potential contribution to the degradation of the environment. Pushing the limits with innovations in bio-based and recycled products

Net-sustainable coatings
Net-sustainable coatings are coatings that fulfill the highest standards in both categories – functional and material sustainability. In other words, they are products that are placed in the highest class of the BSI coating system because they significantly improve the sustainability of the coated product and receive a high score in the material sustainability category. The percentage of net-sustainable products sold is currently being assessed and we will report this number as soon as it is available.

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