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Products with impact

We are proud of our track record on sustainable innovation. In 2020 we moved closer to our goal of providing coatings that deliver value beyond the surface. By 2030, our ambition is to deliver surface solutions that help advance society while protecting the planet.

Our goals

  • 50% sales are net-sustainable products
  • 100% new R&D products are net-sustainable
GRI 103/301
GRI 103/Product stewardship

Customers will expect sustainable products
Product Stewardship is one of our material topics. This means taking responsibility for sustainability issues along the product value chain – from raw materials suppliers to product applicators and end users. Ultimately, this topic will help us to develop more products for our customers that meet their needs and fulfill our shared vision of sustainability. The areas in which it is essential that we improve are: choice of raw materials, suppliers’ environmental and social performance, product performance for applicators and end user, and, finally, what happens with scrapped painted materials.



Our coatings are materially sustainable and use components that are inherently safe and responsibly derived.

  • Use materials that are non-toxic to humans and the environment.
  • Sell coatings that have minimal VOCs and CO₂ emissions.
  • Promote the use of renewable raw materials.
  • Avoid using any minerals that are scarce or endangered.

Our coatings are functionally sustainable and contribute positively to our customers and society.

  • Coatings  that shall provide proven functional sustainability benefits for customers and society whilst in service.
  • Develop new products that are capable of repurposing within the circular economy.

We leverage our value chain by collaborating with partners to create breakthrough innovation.

  • Work with key partners downstream to build strong and effective collaboration.
  • Create transparency about the sustainability of our products with the Beckers Sustainability Index (BSI).

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