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Close Cooperation

Pushing the limits with innovations in bio-based and recycled products

After years of perseverance, the Beckers team
produced the first ever bio-based smooth polyester topcoat for Hydro in Homestrand, Norway.

Sample of the Beckry®Pol coating that was tested at Hydro in Norway.

It was a dark winter day in November in the Norwegian fjord, the lights burned brightly in the facilities of a coil coating line, where line trials for the new topcoat were taking place. The results beat expectations. The achievement was possible thanks to a close collaboration between Beckers sites as well as suppliers and customers. The binder was developed by the Beckers Long Term Development Laboratory in the UK. A series of different binders had been evaluated over seven years. Finally, one was found that not only met requirements such as RUV classification and hardness, but also had approximately 30 percent bio-content. In 2020 the resin was outsourced, upscaled and produced by one of Beckers’ suppliers and finally delivered to Beckers Sweden in September. A Beckry®Pol paint based on this resin was developed in two existing shades – a brown and a white. These were manufactured at Beckers Sweden in Märsta and then delivered to the customer in early November. The products showed good run-ability on the line and were visibly superior to current products with regard to flow and finish. Combined with Hydro’s product CIRCAL 75R, which has a certified recycled content of more than 75 percent, this represents a big step towards lowering the carbon footprint and improving the environmental profile of our customers’ products. The bio-based topcoat is part of ongoing efforts by teams across Beckers to introduce partially bio-based products to the market and promote the penetration of products based on renewable and recycled components throughout the value chain. We will continue to pushing the limits with the ambition of becoming the market leader of green products.

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