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Sustainability Award

The Beckers Sustainability Award in the category Products with impact was assigned to Vanja Dahlberg Stalder, Ibrahim Tabash, and Miranda Johansson for the production and line trials of partially bio-based products.

The Coil Coatings Team at Beckers Sweden has been pushing hard to develop more sustainable coil products and has succeeded in generating bio-content of around 20 percent. The aim is not only to increase awareness of Beckers’ sustainability profile but also to enable a penetration of “greener” products through the value chain. Beckers Sweden used a partially bio-based polyester resin developed by LTD UK in the production of standard polyester topcoats as part of their renewable coatings project. The resin was custom-manufactured and delivered to Beckers Sweden in September 2020. Two shades were developed, produced and then run successfully on Hydro’s line in Norway in November. Given their own ambitions to meet today’s environmental targets, Nordic customers see great potential in moving towards bio-based products.

Reasoning of the jury

The Swedish team (on the picture: Ibrahim Tabash, Miranda Johansson and Vanja Dahlberg Stalder) is awarded for its adaption to the market and the line trials with the customer. Substituting fossil-based ingredients with renewables is a big challenge for our products. The team collaborated with many stakeholders along the value chain, from resin suppliers to the customer. When these products are taken up by our customers it will significantly improve the environmental footprint of their products. This is a major step forward towards our goal of 50 percent net-sustainable products.

“The line trial and bringing the partially bio-based products to the market was a huge success for us and is extremely exciting. The use of bio-based raw materials is a conscious step we need to take to get closer to our 2030 sustainability targets. Winning the award is an honor for us!”

Vanja Dahlberg Stalder – Technical Account Manager

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