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Water-based paints help Czech customer lower VOC emissions

The close cooperation with a Czech client led to the development of a more eco-friendly paint.

Okula Nýrsko a.s., a Czech manufacturer of plastic molded parts for the electronics, automotive and pharmaceutical industries, approached Beckers Germany in 2018 looking for a water-based paint solution. Okula Nýrsko needed a coating for a coffee machine they were developing for the home appliances company BSH. Their current supplier could only offer solvent-based paints. The Beckers team proposed its monolayer system BJ 76. The product has a VOC of less than 10 percent. This is very low for the kind of effect silver paint Okula required and represented a clear advantage over the competitor’s 2-layer solvent-based paint.

Katrin Schlebrowski and Markus Wieler do a visual quality inspection of the innovative water-based system.

The Beckers team worked with Okula Nýrsko to match colors and test the paint system against BSH’s specifications. BSH gave Okula Nýrsko approval to proceed with trials on original parts just as the first wave of the pandemic hit and travel became near impossible. Nevertheless, the trial run was a success and Beckers is now suppling its water-based paints on a regular basis to Okula Nýrsko. It has also started development work on three further projects. The paints have a much lower solvent content than solvent-based products and can be diluted with deionized water instead of solvents. VOCs in general have a negative impact on climate change and therefore harmful emissions are reduced by using low VOC paint systems. Developing low VOC paints and working with customers to enable them to use these paints in their products is therefore a key part of Beckers’ 2030 Sustainability Strategy.

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